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December 5, 2014
Maeve Heaney

Photo arranged and edited by Carmine di Stefano

Photo arranged and edited by Carmine di Stefano

This is  a short one, and I don't usually simply re-post, but this is simply worth it. It is the message of the Pope to the International Theological Commission on December 5th. I guess it is good to simply note that what is said in such a short message is important by its very mention. Key words/ themes I would identify?  Listen; signs of the times; a greater presence of women theologians; unity- healthy pluralism, sensus fidei, and maybe the best one at the end, (and take note, theology students!): pray theologically. One way of doing it: Woman of God.

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  1. Using this song tomorrow at the Quiet Day Retreat on the IOW. Really struck me “woman who walked”… is 125k from Nazareth to Bethlehem and she was 8 months pregnant. How she managed to walk 1k I don’t know.! But actually the talk is called “Mary ~ woman of joy” a woman who chose to believe and then to journey(hence the walking). Have a joyful Christmas.

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