Maeve Louise Heaney

Merging Music and Theology

Break the Crystal Frame

Break the Crystal FrameNEW RELEASE!!

1. Meanwhile
2. Your Side of Time
3. Dancing in Our Minds
4. The Rules of Mercy Never Change
5. Lead Kindly Light
6. Time
7. Beautiful Life
8. Dreams
9. Thank You
10. For You, For Them
11. Come

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Nel Frattempo

Nel Frattempo Cover RGB1. Nel Frattempo
2. Worship
3. Preghiera
4. Salmo 147
5. Tu Completi Me
6. Al Ritmo Di Dio
7. Lead Kindly Light
8. Noi Abbiamo Una Speranza
9. Memorare
10. Meanwhile

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Stand Cover1. Long Distance Prayer
2. Thank You
3. In the Beginning
4. Come (feat. Lydia Wills & Tom Bonard)
5. Come to Me
6. You Complete Me
7. Standing On Eternal Love
8. Into Life (feat. Tref Davies)
9. God Still Calls
10. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
11. Woman of God
12. Beautiful Life (feat. Conor Heaney)
13. If You Stand (feat. Lydia Wills)

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Musical Theology: Finding God in Music

Musical Theology Cover1. Dancing in Our Minds

2. The Rules of Mercy Never Change

3. Assurance Free Download (right click and “Save Link As…”)

4. Jerusalem (Salvation in the Poor)

5. Irish Blessing Free Download (right click and “Save Link As…”)




I Believe in You

I Believe in You

1. Dreams
2. Come Back to Me
3. First Love
4. We’ll Fight Till Dawn
5. Bridge
6. For You, For Them
7. God Still Calls